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How I Grew My Twitter Following by 252% in 120 Days!

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Grow Your Twitter Following by 200% in 120 days.

This time last year I wasn't even on Twitter. “Tweet, who me? Nope, no time for that.” I was working my über-boring corporate job in banking and on the hamster wheel like the rest of the comatose working hacks. So when I tell you that I pimped myself on Twitter — the month I left that steady paycheck and started my own consulting business — I pimped myself, shamelessly, unabashedly. And, I made sure to insert my nascent tweeting self into any — and every — thread worth being inserted in.

Here’s where it all began. I realized quickly that I was not going to grow my Twitter base to 1100 followers in 30-days like I did on Facebook. [Ahhh Facebook.] I had to work at it by engaging [inserting] myself in/into the tweet streams of those I refer to as, “heavyweights.” But here’s the sad truth, I was clueless when I first opened up the Twitter app. “What the h*ll, nobody uses words for button’s anymore? GTFOH!” Crossed-eyed and raging against the machine, it took me 2 weeks to stop cursing out my phone and learn what the bird, retweet and star symbols stood for and how to use them properly (I suffer from fat-finger syndrome, this makes things monumentally more frustrating with a touch screen device.) Quit laughing.

When I finally learned to drive my Tweeting, it was on and cracking! I followed, POTUS, CNN, FOX, Michael Jackson….wait, he’s dead? Anyway, you get the gist. I followed the heavy weights and then I made sure to comment on as many of their threads as possible. Now, I’m a Poli-Sci undergrad and an International Relations grad degree holder, so I trolled the political Twene (my word for Twitter Scene) for the first 60 days. AND…it worked like a charm- I started gaining followers!

But it wasn’t just any followers; I had — and still have — Team CNN, The Hill, and a few other followers that made me blush and say, “OMG, you’re following wittle ole me?” Though, I just assumed it was because of my ability to live up to my Twitter handle with linguistic prowess. Translation: I can tweet wit, humor and intellect with the best of ‘em and I ain’t scared to either! So there’s that. I was gaining traction like nobody’s business.

Next, once I identified my own organic market of heavy hitters, I started following those folks. To name a few: Guy Kawasaki, McKinsey & Co, that dude who started the Rainmaker Platform (he who shall remain nameless because he blocked me recently; more on that nonsense in my next article) and most of the big business media outlets like INC and HubSpot. And then I became a Re-tweet Superstar. For every tweet that had an interesting and relevant title on marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, etc., I re-tweeted it with unrelenting fervor.

I was about 60 days into my newfangled Twitter campaign to build a following, and all of sudden my numbers started growing! Woot!

However, it wasn’t the re-tweeting that was driving the most success, it was my hashtagging. Here’s the skinny. As a result of my relentless re-tweeting and adding hashtags, I noticed that I was suddenly being added to groups entitled “growth hackers” by dozens of people, weekly. So I started adding #growthhacking to all of my tweets and re-tweets and that blew me into the clouds. Every single tweet or re-tweet with at least two hashtags, earns me re-tweets, favorites, or followers. I’m moving up on analytics dashboards everywhere. Watch out now!

Funny story: One night before bed I posted a tweet about my website revamp and added #growthhacking #contentmarketing #effit. I’m not sure which of those hashtags awakened the giants, but my tweet went wild and the notifications on my phone scared me out of my skin. Nothing gets your heart pumping like a successive wave of notification dings, driven by dozens of people favoriting, re-tweeting, and adding you simultaneously. Bravo to my Note 4 for keeping up with all that like a boss! Bottom line, the hashtag is your ally. Use it!

The third most effective thing I did was write more and share my stories multiple times on my Twitter feed and Facebook page. I like content curation, but I like creating original content better. I view content curation as a way to help others excel and I love helping others so that’s why I have a publication. Medium is my personal writing platform and I publish Be.Epic. but I also write for a non-profit business incubator and a local print newspaper.

Having multiple platforms to share my writing has helped a great deal.

All in all, however, after 120-days, I grew my Twitter following to a whopping 311 followers from 80ish! What? You thought I had more? Help me out, go follow me now, because the one thing I did do was draw you in with my content! I do what I can! I’m tweeting @garrulousbanter

Thanks for reading! Share this article! Let’s all be #growthackers #effit!

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