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Minority & Woman-Owned Business Enterprises: It’s Your Year!

You can troll Trump or make money. Which do you choose?

· African-American,Small Business

I’m no Trump fan, but I do understand “weapons of mass distraction” when I see them. The current media climate in the U.S.: One big weapon…of massive distraction!

While the majority of the Republican rhetoric regime tends to be loaded with anti-minority vitriol, it also tends to be pro-business as well.

Right now, in the State of Georgia, the Department of Transportation is building up capacity to award hundred’s of millions in contracts to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs). This is a move to ensure that the state can handle the economic packages scheduled to roll out under Trump’s “Rebuilding America” plan, which aims to invest in the nation’s ageing infrastructure.

And the rest of the nation at-the-ready too. In an article on CNBC, contractors are eagerly chomping at the bit for the “big spend.” But it is not just the small-business sector, higher-education is also at the forefront.

Again, I am not a fan of Trump or his “Entourage de Oddballs” but Omarosa Manigault has been moving her agenda in the right direction for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Check this article out:

Who else is advocating for HBCUs that you know of, besides the usual suspects — such as the US Black Chambers and Congressional Black Caucus?

While half the nation is caught in a perpetual state of outrage, preparing to march against causes that most of us have little power to change, the real policies that have the power to affect regular people in positive ways are being overlooked. The $1-trillion dollars that Trump plans to pump into the nations infrastructure won’t see color, only prepared and read businesses and a workforce.

This doesn’t mean that you disengage from political discourse and engagement — just don’t be so myopic that you miss opportunities to build real power.

Everybody knows that money equals power. And, ironically enough, when you mix blue and red, you always get green!

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