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Wading Through the Gallimaufry

Content marketing overload

There is so much content out there, it's almost criminal!
Where does one begin when trying to navigate the newfangled world of social media and content marketing? Everywhere — it appears. The sheer number of sites boasting expertise on social media marketing, content marketing, internet marketing, and marketing for marketers, is astounding. Upon launching my own business, I found the internet to be less of a limitless teacher and more of a private dealer- my pusher.
I embarked on a mission to “re-up” my marketing expertise via cyberspace resources — blogs, newsletters, and the like. The rabble of choices were vast and often induced mania. I would lie in bed late at night, in the dark, reading just one more article on everything I need to know about content marketing. It was akin to shooting up in an alley.
As a new entrepreneur researching the most effective and relevant internet marketing strategies, the information overload rushed in quick and mercilessly.[“Google: Best way to drive traffic to my site>>About 185,000,000 results (0.34 seconds)”] Well alrighty then. Less than one second. Why is this relevant, again?
Don’t get me wrong, I love the gluttonous distribution of information; however, I’m not like most people. In fact, most people aren't like most people– unless you are a content marketing guru. In which case, this entire paragraph makes sense and hasn't meandered into the abyss — like my endless content marketing quests have. I digress.
By month three of my “refresher o’marketing pilgrimage,” I came to the conclusion that the internet has ushered the world into the age of “overload.” And for business owners trying to glean which avenues of marketing are best suited for them, the loading is far beyond the over. Wading through the gallimaufry of website platforms, WSYWYGs, social media platforms, dashboards, hosters, cloud’ers, and app’ers, is like drinking water from Niagara Falls. Yeah, that fire hydrant is old hat.
Add in all the choices in website platforms with the 99 million ways to market — via hash-tags, commercial at. (@), the other shift-triggered characters never used before 1994, content marketing blogs, articles, tweets, hoots, tumbles, linking, podding, clicking and jiving — and one’s drive to launch an internet marketing campaign quickly turns into an obsession aimed at reading all fifty-hundred sites on the subject. I wonder if there is a statistic for this. [“Every 15 seconds a new website on content marketing is sacrificed to search engine web crawlers.”] I’ll let the Pew Research Center handle that.
Before long, I was spending every iota of my down-time surfing the net for more information on “how to launch…” blah blah blah“…content marketing” yadda yadda yadda. It was insanity. There is no end to the flood of content, on…wait for it…content! So, I decided it’s high-time to put an end to the madness and I've created a strategy for new entrepreneurs to quiet the “white noise” of information overload. I call it: Finding your clique!
Finding your clique is simply identifying one expert or authority who resonates with youpersonally, and then adopting their methods as your standard. Let’s use Huggy Rao and his co-authored book on marketing and leadership, “Scaling up Excellence: Getting to More without Settling for Less,” as an example. So you read the book and find it to be an enlightening page-turner — Rao is now your “clique leader.” Your mission is to follow your clique leader via social media, blogs, syndicated columns or the like.
After selecting a clique leader, you need to build your clique. Turn your content marketing research efforts into a mission to learn all you can about Rao’s strategies and other works he may have contributed to. Most importantly, identify who Rao’sclique is. Most published author’s have a small group of experts they quote or cite in their works — add those folks to your clique. Identify a few of your clique leader’s votaries and follow their blogs, Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts too. Your clique is now the expert pool baseline you reference— forsaking all others. Do not stray from this clique for at least 12-months. Why 12-months? Because you need to give your marketing strategies time to be perfected and yield the results you are seeking.
You are free to read other content marketing gurus ideologies; but I wouldn't stray from your clique’s standards for at least 1 year after implementation.
The idea is to streamline your intake of information by focusing on one expert as an archetype or method to use as a point of reference. Otherwise, you will find yourself chasing every new fad, platform, concept and idea, to your business’ detriment. The power of a focused strategy — which I shan’t elaborate on in this piece — can yield amazing results. And for new entrepreneurs seeking insight from the content marketing Gods, it is the cure to self-induced content marketing schizophrenia.
Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not address another culprit of content marketing overwhelmia*: Social media. (Yes, I made that up. I have an MSU: Makes Sh!t Up) Moving right along. Rule number one for new entrepreneurs: You don’t need to be on EVERY social media platform initially. [Somewhere in the cloud, the social media marketing Gods are spontaneously combusting.] But it’s true, not every social media site is appropriate for every type of business. Imagine a gynecological medical practice on Facebook? What would they advertise? Free pap smears? FAIL.
Nonetheless, I highly recommend focusing on the two social media sites that best fit your specific industry. [I’m a big fan of products for Instagram and services for Twitter.] After you decide on only two social media sites, use a social media management platform to manage your efforts— such as Hootsuite. If you want to leverage the power of social media marketing, you need to do it effectively and consistently. A social media management platform will help you sustain your social media campaign easily and cheaply! But don’t get too carried away because the social media management platform has you feeling Herculified*, stick with only two to start. Trust me, it can all turn to hell quicker than you think.
And just like that, I quieted the cacophony of content marketing content, into a symphony. My nights of reading articles in the dark are fewer. I enjoy the focused quiet of cyber-stalking [following, I don’t stalk] my clique leader on Twitter and beyond — who is by the way, Brian Clark. Now it’s my turn to add to the ballyhoo of superfluous druthers of content marketing blogs, articles, manifestos and dossier. I do what I can.
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